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I am back on the mainland and blogging from Seattle with South Austin in the rearview mirror. Don't worry Virgin Island fans, I will most certainly be back in the Caribbean for visits if not full-time. And I'm sure St. Thomas will creep it's way into many future posts. For now, it's all about living in the Pacific Northwest!

February 3, 2010

Number of days on a boat.... 2!!!

OK so it may not have been a speedy little boat or included a trip to the Indians or Jost, but I was on a boat nonetheless.

Having lived here on and off for ten years, I finally made my first trip to Water Island. Before this weekend, my only knowledge of Water Island was that it caught fire nearly every 4th of July (they shoot off the Waterfront fireworks from there). But now, not only can I officially say that I have been to every US Virgin Island, but that it is a great place to spend a day without all the hassle of renting a boat and customs. There is a small ferry that leaves from Crown Bay and makes the eight minute trip several times a day. The ferry captain's name is most definitely NOT Joe. As it is Sunday, the boat is packed with locals making their weekend shopping trip over to St. Thomas or getting a KFC fix and it's a friendly and talkative crowd. "Not Joe" guides us neatly onto the small landing dock there.

What greets us on Water Island is a parking lot full of golf carts and a small shack welcoming us. It is a brief and beautiful walk from the landing dock to the beach. On the way, we pass quirky signs everywhere like an I95 Interstate Highway sign posted on a cliff overlooking the ocean and large sprawling houses with lots of space in between. The year-round population here is small but there are villas for rent and there are some tourists here today. Check out www.waterislandrentals.com for some more information on rentals. Once at the beach, the shoes come off quickly and the toes go in the sand. Mmmmmmm.

This is ALWAYS just the thing. The thing that makes being here worthwhile. There is a food/bar truck there called Heidi's where you can get snacks and cocktails for a reasonable price. The day passes lazily as we go back and forth from the sand to the truck to the water to the truck to the sand and then finally fades away. We make the short hike back up the hill to the ferry dock and head back towards St. Thomas. I think I like the look of St. Thomas from this angle. And this new perspective.

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