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I am back on the mainland and blogging from Seattle with South Austin in the rearview mirror. Don't worry Virgin Island fans, I will most certainly be back in the Caribbean for visits if not full-time. And I'm sure St. Thomas will creep it's way into many future posts. For now, it's all about living in the Pacific Northwest!

April 4, 2012

Missing Cow Located

I had gotten used to seeing the Austin Cow Parade cows on my regular route. They became friends. So when they abruptly disappeared last year, I really missed seeing them.  I missed them more than any sane person should and I missed one in particular called "Discow" for obvious reasons.  Discow lived at the corner of Lamar and 6th in front of Whole Foods.  I would give him a "you go Discow" shout out, doing a little car dance as I passed.  Yeah, I know.

I know.

Anyway... the Parade Cows were auctioned off in an event hosted by Jay Leno last November. I heard about the auction and tried (repeatedly and unsuccessfully) to convince my neighbors to pitch in our HOA reserve to obtain a cow, ANY cow.   At the end of the night, 60 cows were auctioned off for more than $1.49 million benefitting Dell Children's Medical Center and The Superhero Kids Endowment. Austin even set a record with a single cow being purchased for $150,000 which beat out the previous record set in Dublin ($146,000 featuring Waterford Crystals).  I could never have competed with the lowest purchase price of $2250 much less the high stakes for the "Vince Young Championship Longhorn" or "Cowch".

See all the Austin Parade Cows on the Cow Parade Austin Site.

Then, a couple of weeks ago, while walking through downtown the other day on my way to a SXSW film, I spied my beloved Disco Cow.  He has a new home and though not on a street that I drive on often, I do drive by on occasion and walk by more frequently than that. So, "you go Discow"!

I'm on the lookout for others. If you spy a missing cow, send me a picture and a google map!

For now...
Ciao cows!

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